Homebrew Brum November 2016

IndieWeb Brum

Thank you

Thank you all for coming to Homebrew Brum the other night!

My personal highlight was finding out that the ICS file that gets generated by the Homebrew Brum website (which is made with Jekyll) not only gets picked up by the Birmingham.io calendar but also appears on the Silicon Canal Events page, which meant that Josh turned up.


I’ve posted the notes I took on the night using NoterLive to the Homebrew Brum site.

We haven’t yet set up webmentions so if you’ve also written something about the night you can send a pull request to the GitHub repo to add your link to it.

Should there be a Homebrew Brum Slack channel?

I heard quite a few people (myself included) say that they wanted some accountability for posting on their own site, so it doesn’t seem right to have a dedicated Slack channel.

That said, sometimes you can’t beat talking in real-time.

There’s a #homebrewbrum channel on the inlineblock Slack community that Dave, Marc and I use to organise the meetups.

There’s also slack.birmingham.io and Birmingham’s own tech-related Discourse at talk.birmingham.io so there’s plenty of opportunities to have real and almost-real-time communications with each other.

When’s the next one?

The next meetup will be on Wednesday the 25th of January (2017) in The Map Room at Cherry Reds again.

You can click here to add it to your calendar.

What should I do in the meantime?

I’ll be at Matt’s Off The Record meetup tomorrow night at Cherry Reds.

The next HydraHack developer meetup is in December at 1000 Trades in the JQ. It’s on side projects so I’m really looking forward to it.

Stuart’s planning another JQ Ale Trail between Christmas and New Year.

See you next time!